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Weah has Something Special!!

As USA wrapped up their first round matches in the U-20 World Cup it became clear that as a football nation we have much room for improvement. With the retirement of Donovan and Dempsey we can look back now and thank these frontiersmen for the journey that they both took us on. When Dempsey came on the scene it was extremely refreshing that a young American footballer played with the guts and style that many others were afraid to play with. He had something special...a lack of fear, almost an experimental energy that allowed him to try new and exciting things on the pitch. Donovan perhaps less flashy played with an American spirit and a fantastic work-rate. They both brought something different to the match that gave American Football fans something to cheer for...and they both found the net. But as we look to the future we (as American Football fans) must find our new champion. Someone to get behind....someone who plays with bravery and does not cower in fear because he is an American playing a largely European or Latin game. That player may be Timothy Weah!!

Currently playing on loan with Celtic (from PSG), Weah has scored 3 goals and grabbed an assist in 13 matches. But these stats do not tell the total story of course. There is much dynamism to the Weah family in general. Timothy Weah comes from Football royalty if you will. Timothy's father George Weah is current President of Liberia since 2018 and has played for such recognizable and storied clubs as Monaco, AC Milan, Chelsea and Manchester City winning many trophies along the way....not too mention many individual awards too. In 1995 he won the heralded Ballon d'Or Fifa Player of the Year award which is a substantial accomplishment for any footballer. So when we look at Timothy Weah, he comes from football greatness.

But does this translate to quality play on the field? Much like a previous post that I wrote about Pulisic, Weah too must score more goals and break into first team football on the regular to really solidify himself as the next great American hope. That said, when you watch him play, it is clear that Timothy Weah has something special. Taking a look at the goal he scored against Qatar in the U20 World Cup, he is quick with his feet and he has a knack for scoring goals...and more than all of that HE IS NOT PLAYING SCARED! When I watch the USA National Team play I am often texting my old soccer buddies proclaiming loudly that we (as a country) often play it safe or even with a bit of fear in our hearts. American fans are hungry for a hero and a team that gives them hope. Largely I often see safe play and typically a fear when playing against any team of substance such as European or S. American teams. When watching USA be leaves me wanting more!!

There are a few players that when on the pitch I start to sit up. My excitement level increases. One of those players is Weah...when on the ball he is creative, and brave. Take a look below at some of his finer moments.

Whether or not T. Weah becomes one of the next American football greats is yet to be determined. But as a fan of the game and moreover of American football, he is an exciting young player and one to watch in the coming years. Considering he is already playing with great clubs like PSG and Celtic, will certainly push his level higher which in turn can hopefully translate to USA National Team sucess!!

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