Messi - A Lesson in Pure Efficiency

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Messi - Unbelievable Efficiency

So many people cannot speak about Lionel Messi without mentioning C. Ronaldo. Frankly I get it....they are two of the best footballers in the modern generation but moreover they are likely two of the best ever in the history of planet earth. I happen to be a Ronaldo fan being that I grew up watching Manchester United and followed his growth from overly-tricked out petulant footballer to purely efficient slightly mature goal scoring machine. That being said, there is no doubt that Messi is simply a football Messiah. Though football is an organic game of beauty and grace that sometimes statistics cannot capture, Messi statistically is the most efficient footballer ever. Let's take a look at his La Liga statistics to prove the point:

  • 2004/05....Goals 1

  • 2005/06....Goals 6

  • 2006/07....Goals 14

  • 2007/08....Goals 10

  • 2008/09....Goals 23

  • 2009/10....Goals 34

  • 2010/11....Goals 31

  • 2011/12....Goals 50

  • 2012/13....Goals 46

  • 2013/14....Goals 28

  • 2014/15....Goals 43

  • 2015/16....Goals 26

  • 2016/17....Goals 37

  • 2017/18....Goals 34

  • 2018/19....Goals 36

If you look at goals alone it is plain to see that this man is a freak of nature. Keep in mind....these stats are ONLY FROM LA LIGA. Wrap your head around that for a moment!! In the world of football if someone score 20 goals they typically gain a contract that would make even a capitalist blush. When someone scores over 30 goals they are considered otherworldly. Messi has scored over 40 goals in La Liga three times. Additionally if you look at his record over time it is plain to see that this man is an alien from outer space. This past season in 2018/19 he scored 36 goals in La Liga alone. He is 31 years old

There is no doubt that both Ronaldo and Messi will eventually slow down. Father time catches up with us all. When anyone watches Ronaldo play now it is plain to see he has changed his game to account for the fact that he has lost a step and is no longer the speed-demon he once was. Messi too has flexed his game to his aging body. Both no longer dribble the entire team to score goals (as much). That said as time runs out on Lionel Messi, we can all revel in the fact that we witnessed a footballer who brought football to a new level. We witnessed (and continue to witness) a man that has provided such goal scoring efficiency that it may be many years before anyone person is able to match his statistical excellence.

But more than that...more than the statistics....he has provided a beauty in football that goes unmatched. A beauty that goes well beyond statistics. A beauty that thankfully we can find on YouTube:

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