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Manchester United...A Season to Forget!

Old Trafford
Manchester United...What Happened?

Growing up and living in the USA there weren't many soccer games on television. Born in the late 70's football became popular for a minute when Pele came to the Cosmos but it quickly faded into obscurity soon thereafter. Having played my entire life, I and others had a thirst for quality football on TV....but it simply was not available. The few games (in the Premiership) that one would see especially in the 90's would be the more popular sides such as Man United, Chelsea, or Liverpool. You could find Italian games as well but they were typically on a channel no one knew about. Other than a few select games....quality football was hard to come by on TV.

I fell in love with Manchester United because they were simply one of the only teams that would be played on cable television. I fell in love with a team that featured Ryan Giggs, a young Cristiano Ronaldo, van Nistelrooy, and Rio Ferdinand, and more. Led my Sir Alex Ferguson they played fast exciting football that was action-packed and extremely fun to watch. Think about getting to watch C. Ronaldo blossom as a footballer right in front of your very eyes. It was very hard NOT to fall in love with Man United.

When Alex Ferguson decided to hang it up, it was difficult not to wonder what was next for this great club. He was the "straw that stirred the drink" so to speak. He was the guy that motivated this side to great heights. When he had left many of us thoughts..."now what"?

We were optimistic but languished through unfortunate reign of David Moyes. We were grateful but unexcited by our transitory time with Louis van Gaal. We were disgusted by the selfishness and boring football instilled by Mourinho. But we are optimistic and hopeful that Ole Gunnar can bring this side back to greatness.

But here we are having finished 6th in the league gaining only one point in the last two games against the likes of Huddersfield and Cardiff. So many questions now must be answered:

- What has happened to this great team?

- Can United get back to the historical greatness it once embodied?

- Is Ole Gunnar the right man for the job?

- Which payers need to stay and which players need to go?

- Are United the same attractive club that once attracted the highest caliber players?

- Is Pogba the right man to shape a team around?

- Is De Gea checked out or committed?

- Can Ole Gunnar propel Rashford to superstar status?

These questions and more must be answered. But for now, United fans are left to worry. We are left to wonder. We are hopeful but for Manchester was a season to forget!

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